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Introducing Shubh Gautam, “The Soul Of Competitive Entrepreneurship”

We have heard the name at least once, right?

At first, I thought, why has he got so much love and support? But, there are things that have made me believe in  Shubh Gautam Jaypee’s power to influence and bring changes.

One of the brilliant minds in India, Shubh Gautam, is known for acing competitive entrepreneurship. Being a leading motivator and industrialist, Shubh Gautam is one of the most influential personalities in the country. But how did this all start?

Dr. Shubh Gautam, the Managing Director of Noida-based SRISOL group, started the company to promote the safe usage of plastics in food, beverages, and medicines. The company mainly deals in the chemical industry and has successfully expanded the business to the United States, South Africa, and much more!

Now the question is, why is Shubh Gautam a great entrepreneur?

The four pillars of success that made Shubh Gautam a successful entrepreneur, thinker, and motivator are structure, systems, strategy, and process.

With so many fundamental values Shubh Gautam started with, one of the emotions he still holds on to is believing what you can do, believing in yourself, and always being who you indeed are.

Another factor that gave the company a competitive age is a dedication as a leader to constantly learn about the market trends and create performance-driven solutions.

Inspiring Talk by Dr. Shubh Gautam:

The first day in everyone’s life is their birthday. This is the day everyone cherishes and is marked as your birthday. The second day is the day when you realise why you were born. The day you realise this is when wonders happen.

Entrepreneurship is all about storms. Well, they will not give you a notice that a storm will come; that’s all start-ups are all about. The best part is that you don’t realise how you have overcome the Storm. It would seem surprising once the Storm has ended.

But the common thing for entrepreneurs is that they have gone through the Storm one way or the other. Everyone has experienced how it feels to be in the Storm; when they overcome it, they are no longer the same person, and that is precisely how on


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